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Engage, Service, Retain your customers with Mobile Application developed for you. Extend Customer Interaction with your brand and keep them coming back for more Intuitive, Feature Rich, Easy to Use mobile applications for Enhanced User Experience.

Liquid Calories

You’re wondering why you can’t lose those extra pounds? You watch what’s on your plate but still no luck? The hidden calories that are in your glass are keeping you from meeting your goals and feeling better.

Measure your daily intake of liquid calories and get a handle on how many extra calories are preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals.

If you don’t track your liquid calories, you will never find out why you’re not meeting your weight loss goals.


Cheap SMS

Free iPhone app to send cheap sms, Mobile app to send free sms messages from your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad 1 and iPad 2 to your loved ones. CHEAP SMS App is available to download at iTunes Store.

  • No SIM required to send sms messages
  • Requires Active data connection (GPRS) or a WiFi
  • Integrates with your contact / address book
  • Free SMS Credits to send messages
  • Works with all iOS


Who’s Around

Ever finished a meeting early or been in a different part of town and had some time on your hands? Make most of your travel time by visiting friends, family and business associates that are near.

With the Who’s Around you can transform your iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch address book into a fully functional address book contacts navigator.

You can arrange your contacts into social circles as like Family, Friends or Business. Customize the filters, groups according to your need.